Dell Laptop Battery For Dell Model 5440 and 5540

Dell laptop battery with 11.1V and 4400Mah

dell laptop battery for dell models 5440 and 5540 with 11.1V and 4400Mah


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This Dell laptop battery is only useable for Dell laptop models 5440 and 5540. The battery is 11.1V and 4400Mah.

The Dell Battery provides an enduring and dependable power supply because of its excellent power rating and capacity. This battery will keep your Dell laptop operating smoothly and effectively no matter what duties you’re working on, what material you’re streaming in high definition, or what graphics-intensive games you’re playing. 

High-quality materials ensure dependable operation even in challenging circumstances. Furthermore, the battery is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets Dell’s stringent quality standards, delivering peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Gadget Mate offers 12-month Warranty for all laptop batteries. Also, we hand over products in 3 working days.


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