Lenovo Laptop Battery For Lenovo Models G40 G500 G41

  • 14.4V
  • 2200MA
  • 3 days delivery with 12 months Warranty
Lenovo Laptop Battery For Lenovo Models G40 G500, and G41


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Upgrade your Lenovo laptop experience with the reliability and longevity of the Lenovo Laptop Battery. Enjoy the ease of a long-lasting power supply that meets your needs while maintaining uninterrupted work. With a 12-month warranty, you can confidently rely on the Lenovo Laptop Battery for all of your computing needs.

The Lenovo Battery provides a solid and long-lasting power supply, with a power rating of 14.4 volts and a capacity of 2200mAh. This battery will keep your Lenovo laptop working smoothly all day long. This battery is useable for Lenovo laptop models G40, G500, and G41.


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